Once the Project Plan was finalized, approved and permits obtained, the owner, Mr. George G. Hardie, moved forward to build one of the finest facilities in Belize.

Starting with dense forest and vegetation, the 12.2-acre site was cleared and prepped. The ground was leveled and compacted with imported dirt and white marl. Platforms for the casino, hotel and parking lot were conformed and compacted to 95% and construction was underway. In any project, stability and safe building procedures are of paramount importance.

Though groundbreaking was early in 2003, the development of the project has required extensive research to find skilled professionals, appropriate materials (much of which must be imported from the United States), and the search for quality contractors, subcontractors and engineering.

59 footings were sunki for the casino, connected by concrete reinforced ground beams, to give the casino building exceptional stability. The 54,000 square foot building is now fully complete and operational.

Phase I of the hotel (60 rooms and suites) required 360 piles for stability and 600 tons of reinforced concrete caps, with completion of the opening phase of the hotel by spring of 2009, and an additional 33 rooms and suites in January 2010.

A 90 ft. water well and a secondary well have been drilled and piped, and pumps installed with a capacity of 400 gallons per minute. All water is treated by a Reverse Osmosis system providing the purest water for use in the casino and hotel. In most cases our water is purer than bottled water. It is tested every day. A separate Waste Treatment Plant and backup Electrical Generator give LVHC a Complete self-sufficient infrastructure capability.

Stainless steel channels for water run-off are integrated into the roof design.

The Casino was built with all Belizean labor.

Many of the fixtures, furnishings and equipment were not available locally and consequently many of these items had to be purchased in the United States and shipped to Belize, over 50 container loads.

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